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So you want to lose weight, tone up, or generally just look and feel a lot better. You’ve tried heading down to your local gym and spoken to one of their “personal trainers”. They handed you the same exercise and nutrition program they gave to every other person that walked through the door in the past decade. Three weeks later and your elbows are aching, you’ve not lost any weight and you’re miserable. Most people going through this experience can feel disheartened. They feel like they’re just not the type of person who will ever be in shape and feel good about themselves. They’re ready to quit.

That's Not How It's Supposed to Work

That’s not how we run PPC Fitness. We understand that people are individuals, so a cookie cutter program just isn’t good enough. We want to understand who you are, what challenges you’ve faced in the past and what your goals are.

That’s why we call ourselves a family. Families work hard to understand and support each other. Families motivate and help each other when we get stuck. At PPC Fitness, you will get a supportive community and experienced trainers that want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. We are focused on helping you succeed.

We have been doing this for a long time, working with hundreds of clients to help them look and feel great. And we’ve learned some things along the way:

When We Work Together You Can Expect:

  • Free Success Session

    All of our programs begin with a free success session. The purpose is to get to know you and learn what you’re goals are. We can then explain how we support those goals and most importantly, we can find out if we’re a good fit for each other. We will only take on clients if we are positive that we can help you. From this session we will then begin to develop a personalized plan, specifically for you.

  • Maximum Results, Minimum Time

    Our plans are designed specifically to get you the best results in the fastest time. If you just want to feel good and enjoy doing some running, that’s fine, we can still help you look good. If you want to push things and get the maximum results in the absolute minimum amount of time, that’s great. We can use the latest research-proven and real-world tested techniques to achieve this. We will only take on clients if we are positive that we can help you. From this session we will then begin to develop a personalized plan, specifically for you.

  • A Realistic Nutrition Plan That Works

    I don’t like diets, there I said it. The word “diet” has come to mean a faddy, shocking, 30-day plan that has you starving yourself and feeling drained. They may work in them short term for some people, but soon enough, you’re back to your old habits because it’s unrealistic and difficult to stick to. Nutrition planning comes standard in ALL of our programs. We work with you to develop a nutrition program that fits your life. It’s realistic so you’ll stick to it and it will get you results and help you feel great.

  • No Long, Boring Workouts

    The best types of workouts are the types you will actually do. With over 120+ classes offered each and every month and four separate training focuses including TRX Suspension training, Strength & Conditioning, Yoga and more, you’re sure to find an approach that meets your goals, needs, and interests. Our custom program take advantage of exercises you enjoy, and specific exercises that exactly match your goals and help you get to where you need to get.

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Here Are Just A Few Success Stories From Our Members

Our Coaches Are Ready To Help You Reduce Stress, Lose Weight, And Finally Get Fit.

Meet Alan Ashley, Owner/Coach

Alan is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, TRX-Certified Instructor in multiple specialties, and the owner of PPC Fitness. Over 100+ clients in the Pasadena area rely on his carefully developed, research-proven, tried and tested program designs.

Meet Amy McGuire, Yoga Instructor

Amy McGuire is a Pasadena based Yoga Alliance RYT-200, a NESTA certified personal trainer and was voted LA's 5th Hottest Trainer 2014 by Racked LA. Amy has an adaptogenic coaching style, calibrating training sessions based on the whole enchilada instead of just one aspect of wellness. Be prepared to improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, mental clarity and confidence in every class you take with her.

Our Members Think We're Pretty Great

Stop wasting your time with magazine fad diets and cookie cutter gym programs that don’t address your needs. Let us show you how fun and successful the right approach can be. To organize your free session and come and meet our family, click get started below.

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With PPC Fitness You Get:

  • A FREE fitness success session

  • A 100% personalized plan made for you

  • A “train smart training plan” with the most effective workouts

  • Workouts proven through experience and backed by research

  • The fastest strategies to reach your goals

  • Workouts that keep burning fat after your session is finished

  • A nutrition plan that work, you enjoy and can stick to

  • No feelings of hunger that you would get from other, starvation diets

  • Incredible fat loss

  • A plan that includes the foods you love and none of the foods you hate

  • Nutrition plans developed by certified nutritionists

  • Complete metabolic analysis and consultation

  • Coaches and a community to keep you motivated

  • Realistic goals with clear objectives you can measure and achieve

It all begins by getting started with your free success session.

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