Group Personal Training kicks your fitness into high gear

Group training gives you the unique opportunity not only to challenge yourself with fun individualized workouts, but bond with others who share the same passion for health and fitness. Our small group atmosphere is supportive and non-judgemental.

Small group training sets you up for success from day one

At PPC, our Small Group Training goes above and beyond to help you find success. Instead of creating cookie-cutter programming, we provide individualized instruction for every person who walks through our doors. We set you up with targeted fitness training, comprehensive nutrition coaching, and complete accountability every step of the way.

A truly unique experience with PPC Group Training

Our classes are designed to help our group members see progress from week to week and month to month! In our group classes, you will never feel like just a number in a crowded room! Our coaches will know you by name, they will provide helpful feedback and instruction, and they will encourage and support you throughout your time with us – it’s an all-around supportive and positive culture in our group classes!

Support and motivation? We've got you covered

That’s the most challenging part of any fitness journey – the ability to give it your all day in and day out. At PPC Fitness, we’ll help you change that. Our Group Training program includes a dynamic mix of workouts that can challenge your body and keep your mind motivated like never before. We’ll be there every step of the way to keep you challenged, motivated, and to celebrate every success!