Hey, I'm Alan

And You Probably Don't Know Me Yet..

Alan suffered the tragic loss of his 6 year old daughter to childhood cancer in 2012 and threw himself into fitness as a way to cope with the grief. As time passed he began to see others within his close circle succumb to diseases that could have been prevented with the right fitness and nutrition plan. These incidents not only formed his perception on physical fitness and nutrition, but are also the cornerstones to the PPC Empire.

In 2013 Alan became a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as well as a Certified TRX Instructor. He began working at a well-known gym franchise, but soon realized that some couldn’t afford the fitness plans designed by big box gyms. He realized to really make an impact he needed to find a way to provide high quality fitness to more people at a reasonable cost. He opened his first fitness studio, PPC Fitness, in 2013.

PPC Fitness

We created PPC Fitness knowing we wanted it to be more than just a "gym". Having worked in traditional gyms in the past, we knew we needed to create a concept that would provide our members with the most effective tools for success. This meant we needed to offer individualized training programs so that our members knew exactly what to do as soon as they walked through the doors. This also meant we needed to provide an intensive learning environment led by intelligent and caring coaches. Most of all, we needed to foster a welcoming atmosphere and community that made everyone feel a sense of belonging.

PPC Fitness is built upon the mission to bring inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space. Our team and our members help us every day to make the gym a more welcoming and positive place to be, and we are extremely grateful!


Is PPC good for everybody or just athletes?

Is PPC a crossfit gym?

Do you offer open gym so I can workout on my own?

Do you track our workouts and progress?

Do you provide guidance on nutrition?

Are showers available at PPC?

Do you offer a free trial?

I'm a little intimidated at gym, do women train at PPC?

Do you need a membership to workout at PPC?

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